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(February AuthorToolBoxBlogHop) 100 Ways to Spark Your Creative Energy

Let us all rejoice for reaching the third week of February! I say rejoice because it's almost over and because February is the month I've come to refer to as the "blah" month. At least where I live, it's the month where the temperatures reach their most frigid and all that beautiful snow you were hoping for at Christmas time now finds its way to earth. Only now you don't get a White Christmas, you get slick roads without a merry excuse to stay home.

What I find most interesting at this time of year is how motivations begin to decline. Goals that a lot of us set at the end of last year begin to lose their luster. For me, February weather has an especially powerful effect on my creativity. This time of year, I just don't have the same kind of creative mojo and motivational energy that I feel in the warmer months.

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. When the weather gets crummy we hole ourselves up for protection and as a result we can get a little too comfortable. Maybe you're not attending that coffee shop that you habitually write in anymore or you're no longer attending your writing group. It could also be that you just aren't feeling like your best self (when does yoga in the park resume again??).

Whatever the reason, if you're in a creative funk then I have a list you just may find useful: 100 ways to spark your creative energy. Hopefully these ideas help inspire that little bit of mojo to help get you on track to reach your goals and make you feel like you again.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

  1. Take a walk in nature (without your phone).
  2. Read a book that inspires you.
  3. Write down 3 positive affirmations & meditate on them.
  4. Go to a crafts store and browse.
  5. Sit in a coffee shop.
  6. Color in an adult coloring book.
  7. Buy a new notebook.
  8. Doodle something.
  9. Read a guilty pleasure book.
  10. Make something out of play dough.
  11. Take a nap.
  12. Journal about a happy memory.
  13. Watch your favorite tv show.
  14. Declutter your closet.
  15. Sing in the shower.
  16. Create an inspiration/vision board.
  17. Watch YouTube tutorials on your craft.
  18. Burn your favorite candle.
  19. Organize your work space.
  20. Do a puzzle.
  21. Host a dinner with friends.
  22. Watch the clouds.
  23. Play a board game.
  24. Cook a meal you've never made.
  25. Take a bubble bath.
  26. Create a collage.
  27. Blog.
  28. Keep a dream journal.
  29. Try the Bob Ross challenge.
  30. Read a book on your craft.
  31. Try an at-home facial.
  32. Watch funny videos on YouTube.
  33. Go to a museum.
  34. Sign up for a class at a community or vocational college.
  35. Do a puzzle.
  36. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  37. Bake something and decorate it.
  38. Scrapbook.
  39. Watch your favorite movie.
  40. Take pictures of your surroundings.
  41. Fly a kite.
  42. Create a list of places you want to visit.
  43. Create a brand new beverage.
  44. Watch the sun set.
  45. Read a magazine.
  46. Go watch a musical.
  47. Buy some new clothes.
  48. Go hiking in the forest.
  49. Build something.
  50. Create a photo album.
  51. Go to a concert.
  52. Rearrange your furniture.
  53. Listen to your favorite song.
  54. Repaint a piece of furniture.
  55. Ask a friend to be your photographer and have a photoshoot.
  56. Play with your pet.
  57. Read the Bible and/or pray.
  58. Learn origami.
  59. Do yoga.
  60. Go camping.
  61. Create a list of your favorite places.
  62. Plant a flower garden.
  63. Create a music playlist that inspires you.
  64. Try a new hair style.
  65. Put together your family tree.
  66. Read your favorite blog.
  67. DIY a present for a loved one.
  68. Play a sport.
  69. Get a planner and fill it up with goals and ideas.
  70. Visit an art gallery.
  71. Start a podcast or record one just for fun!
  72. Give yourself a manicure.
  73. Buy some frames and fill them with your favorite photos.
  74. Create a list of your favorite people.
  75. Browse motivational quotes on Pinterest.
  76. Learn to basket weave.
  77. Repurpose an old piece of clothing into something new.
  78. Listen to a podcast.
  79. Build a bird house.
  80. Learn how to make a candle.
  81. Plan your next Halloween costume.
  82. Listen to a new music album you haven't heard before.
  83. Pull out random items from your pantry and create a meal using those items.
  84. Buy some fresh flowers.
  85. Go to an art festival.
  86. Do a crossword puzzle.
  87. Make your own perfume.
  88. Draw a picture of a family member.
  89. Create a list of all the things you're grateful for.
  90. Go see a play.
  91. Start your autobiography.
  92. Plan a Christmas party.
  93. Research one of your ancestors.
  94. Plan a vacation.
  95. Learn to knit.
  96. Build a reading fort.
  97. Sew a pillowcase that is meaningful and stuff it.
  98. Research new places to visit in your hometown.
  99. Go stargazing.
  100. Do whatever it is that you're putting off doing. You've greased the wheels and eventually, you just have to ease back into it and get them turning again.


  1. I'm going to do 13, 15, and 83 within the next 24 hours. :) The weather has definitely got me down. I told people today, I'm done with it. Winnipeg no longer has my permission to be -40C.

    1. Yikes, I hear you on that! It's recently been a bit below freezing where I'm from and that's enough for me! Although I think I'm more affected by cloudy days and not getting enough sunshine.

  2. Even though I'm horrible at it, I like to do paint when I'm in a writing funk.

    1. Haha I'm no good at painting either, but I'd love to improve!

  3. I hate February too. Snowing like crazy outside right now. Already about five inches. But when I'm trapped inside, I get a lot of writing done.


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