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(Author Toolbox Blog Hop) The 3-Step Revision Formula: Mystery Solved!

Many, if not most writers probably experience the same sense of dread when they type those two little words at the commencement of their first draft: The End. Uh oh. Time to let those shiny-new-story butterflies die. Now you're in the pit of despair, better known as the revision stage. When I began writing my first novel, the concept of self-editing was a complete mystery. My research told me that while one author would self-edit seven or eight different times, another author could be done after a second draft. Some would rewrite the entire thing over and over, while others could get by with bits and pieces. Books that I found on revision told me what to edit, but not how many times I could expect to repeat the process. I started to wonder if self-editing was completely subjective. The first novel I wrote was definitely my experimental phase. I remember thinking back when I wrote my second draft how much better it was, only I had ended up editing out half of my book! The res