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A week of random musings

#1 I love hashtags. I don't know how anybody ever gets any visibility on social media without them. I kinda like that word. Hashtag. Maybe a cute name for a dog... #2 How is it that Gender has a hard G and Genre has a soft G? How weird would it sound if we switched them? #3 Why is it that Realistic Fiction is an official subgenre but nobody ever uses it while Contemporary is unofficial and used much more often? Who is charge of updating the official genre curriculum and how do I contact them about this? #4 Further theories on genre. Can we officially change the name of the Chick Lit category? It's too limiting and connotes something without literary merit or value. What else would we call it? Books that are too awesome to fit in the other categories? Other labels will be considered with discretion. #5 Is "reading" an audio book really reading? Am I getting credit for this? #6 I want to read more poetry. I get such an instan

Guilty Pleasures: Why Do We Have to Feel Guilty?

Today I wanted to talk about guilty pleasures, as this is a topic that every now and then gets me up on that high horse that I have to admit always leaves me a little butt sore afterwards. It seems like when people refer to a "guilty pleasure," it always seems to refer to a reality tv show. At least, that's been my experience. People ask, what's your guilty pleasure? Basically, what is the thing that is not socially accepted but that brings you happiness? Guilt. Pleasure. Two very competing words. If watching, reading, or doing something is bringing joy into your life, why is it that society demands that you simultaneously feel bad about it? This is something that simply does not make sense to me. Quite frankly, I'm sick of it. No, I am ecstatically debilitated by this. Alright, fine. I had to use the thesaurus for that joke. Competing words, get it? Sure, some subjects don't bring a lot of value to your life, but that does not automatically

Writing Update! Second Draft Adventures...

Today I'm giving an update on the progress of the second draft of my debut novel!  I'm having so much fun as I'm starting to discuss my work in progress more and get more comfortable with sharing details. In the video I talk about the first novel I wrote and how my journey with that project influenced the mindset that I'm in now on my second.

(Author Toolbox Hop) Most Helpful Writing Resources

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm thrilled to have you. Today I wanted to share my favorite resources as they relate to writing, structure and inspiration. Everyone needs a little help now and then, no shame in it. In my opinion, the wisest person is always asking how they can improve. Whether you're just starting out writing that book you've always dreamed of, or maybe you're a seasoned writer who needs a pick-me-up for their current WIP. These resources are what have helped me tremendously over the years, through various stages of my writing both in pre-planning and actually executing the dang thing. #1:  Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell If you don't try any of the other resources I mention, at least try this one. Even if you think you know all there is to know regarding story structure and plot, this book has something to offer you. This book is immensely helpful not only in structuring your novel, but so m

Carrie Bradshaw: Fierce and Fabulous (A Character Analysis)

In this week's video I simply could not contain my excitement to discuss one of my all-time favorite characters, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City .  I remember watching episodes of this series on repeat in college. I would introduce friend after friend to this show, passing my passion for it on to them. In this character analysis, I'm discussing the qualities and characteristics that make Carrie Bradshaw a relatable and beloved fictional character. I'm also sharing my favorite  episodes from Sex and the City that I feel really demonstrate her character and emotional growth throughout the series.

My Responses to the Story Idea Writing Tag

I was so excited to be able to answer a writing tag on my very own channel. Who doesn't enjoy talking about writing, writing ideas and their current project? The Story Ideas Writing Tag was originally created by Bethany Atazadeh and Brooke Passmore.

Book Review: The Power of Positive Energy by Andrian Teodoro

Today I'm reviewing The Power of Positive Energy by Andrian Teodoro. This book was just what I was looking for early this spring after a long winter. You know how winters just leave you feeling kind of...stale? It's cold, the air is dry, the sun is almost non-existent and it can really just kill your mood and your productivity when all you want to do is curl up in your covers. This book has a lot of positives, including being thin (one of my favorite qualities in a self-help/reference book). Watch my video to hear more of my thoughts!