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April #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop: Music Playlists to Inspire Your Writing

Music has greatly enhanced my writing over the years. Whether a moving instrumental score or moody lyrics to a breathtaking melody, music can stir emotions that inspire not only my prose, but often, entire storylines and help me get unstuck. Since I've been curating my favorite writing music for awhile now, I thought it might be fun to share some for this month's Author Toolbox Blog Hop topic. I know what a lot of people are saying. There's no way I can write in anything but a vacuum of complete silence.  And I hear you. It's rare that I'm able to actually draft alongside music. But while everyone is different in terms of their ideal writing environment, I find that music is something that can be fit into one's writing routine in creative ways. Ways to integrate music into your routine (outside of your writing space): Listen in the car.  Driving has been a fantastic way for me to connect with music and identify the emotions I want to convey in my writing