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(January AuthorToolBoxBlogHop) Connecting the dots in 2019

When I was a kid I used to enjoy drawing lines between numbered dots and marveling at the way the image transformed in front of me. As I progressed to more advanced puzzles, I found that I often couldn't tell what the image would become until at least half-way through. It's recently occurred to me how similar our choices are to dots on a puzzle. For me, this year is all about connecting those dots. My mantra, more specifically, is  connect . Have you ever attached your intention for the year to a single word? My first experiment with this exercise happened last year, in 2018. After having taken some serious down time from writing, I had set aside a lot of the personal goals and creative hobbies that I truly loved to focus on other areas of my life. This eventually became the new norm to the point where I even forgot how integral these had once been to my identity. Only once I realized the emptiness I was feeling from the lack of my creative passions could I understand h