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(Author Toolbox Hop) What is your ideal day and do we have to write?

I was recently listening to a meditation that posed the question, “What is your ideal day?” It asked you to picture from morning to evening, the series of events that would take place. Picture yourself waking up to do the thing you most want to do. What happens next? How do you picture yourself going to sleep at night? It made me question how often we ask ourselves this question, what would I like to do today? What would make me happy? I don’t know about you, but for me, the answer is almost never. Of course, there are a gazillion different places I could go with this, but for this blog I’ll just stick to category of writing. I’ll admit, there have been times when I straight up did not want to write. Truth be told, it isn’t always fun having to wake up that much earlier in the morning to write before my day job or isolating myself in my office at night when I could be spending time with my husband or playing with our dog. Sometimes, it just feels like work. What was interest

How to Outline Part 2 | The Flexible Outline (for Pantsers!)

This is part 2 of my How to Outline video for plotters and pantsers. This video focuses on writing a flexible outline for writers who prefer a less structured decision making process before they begin writing. No matter what type of writer you are, I find outlining your novel to be so beneficial for multiple reasons. Thank you so much for watching and let me know your thoughts on outlining! Do you make all of these decisions before you begin writing? Do you prefer to write your rough draft off the cuff?

How to Outline - Part 1 (For Plotters)

I am so excited to release part 1 of my brain child. For a little while now I have wanted to share my thoughts on outlining, as this was a subject that consumed my life for several weeks. When I began to film, it however, I realized that in outlining there is no one size that fits all. Just as there are different types of writers, there are different strategies for outlining. Albeit writers also don't fit nicely into one of two categories either. But I decided for simplicity sake I would focus on the widely accepted theory that most writers will fit into the description of a plotter or a panster. This video focuses on outlining from the perspective of a plotter. Structured and organized, the plotter wants to make as many decisions ahead of time as possible. I go through each one of the strategies that worked for me and kept me consistent in telling each of the themes that I wanted to appear throughout my plot. Watch the video to hear me detail each of the steps. In the n

The Elysian Prophecy by Vivien Reis (Book Review)

Today I am so excited to share my thoughts on The Elysian Prophecy  by Vivien Reis. I have been a big fan of Vivien's for awhile now, following both her Youtube channel and her new podcast, Happy Writing. She not only has great tips for fellow authors, but she was gracious enough to share her writing and self-publishing journey with her followers as she completed her debut, The Elysian Prophecy . As I have also been pondering the idea of self-publishing for my debut, following her along her journey has been both helpful and inspiring. When I made my goal this year of supporting new authors and their debut novels, she was the first one that came to mind. Watch the video below to see a full summary of my thoughts.