Friday, January 16, 2015

5 totally awkward situations you'll only understand if you are new to the work place

Let's face it: we grew up in a different era than our parents. While they were paving the way for the release of the first computer we were learning how to use the cell phone (and it had actually gotten smaller than the size of a brick). So it's not surprising that when entering the work place a few common practices left us scratching our heads.

1. Not knowing how to use a fax machine. Wait, wait wait. So you're telling me I have to use a phone number and this giant machine to send a receipt to the customer? While I'm fumbling with this thing that's beeping at me I could've scanned it five times or better yet sent the digital copy to the customer via a little thing we "Millennials" call the good ol' email.

2. Preferring email or text over actual voice-to-voice phone conversation. You mean I have to actually call him to ask him to email me the invoice?

We are so terrified of voice-to-voice interaction though I'm not sure we even fully understand it.

3. When you're the only one who can format a PowerPoint slide and become the go-to for "deleting" a picture or "moving the logo down." Your older coworkers look at you like you've just animated a feature film.

4. You dread being asked to "drive" the sales meeting, meaning you sit behind a computer and click the slides forward all the while trying to decipher whether the manager's pause means she has finished talking.

Nope. She wasn't. Go back.

5. Not knowing how to operate an intercom and continually forgetting to dial 9 to "get out." What does this even mean??

Did I miss anything? What awkward situations have you experienced when you were new to the work place?