Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ever feel like you're stuck in the 90s?

Anyone remember this one?

Now that I have Netflix, I find myself often watching old shows and movies from my childhood. Sometimes I thank the heavens no one can see my watch list (they can't, right??) for fear of embarrassment.

I'm not exactly sure what my frequent perusing of the Children & Family Movies section says about me. Perhaps it's a yearning for simpler times, when the most difficult, complex question was whether or not to be nice to your sister. Funny, that same dilemma still creeps its way into my adult life.

Or maybe the shows and movies of my childhood were just plain better than those of today. If I were to sit down right now and watch something on Nickelodeon, I would be bored to tears and turn the channel in 2 minutes. Yet I can watch Harriet the Spy (and even, gulp, Power Rangers: The Movie) quite happily. Were the movies of my day more universal or do I enjoy them because I associate movies of my era with fond feelings of innocence?

Why can't I quit you?

Does anyone thinks it's weird to watch the movies and television shows of your elementary years or is it just a fun trip down memory lane?